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The Inspiring Journey of Shelby Lawson

By Oscar Gonzalez

Welcome to the world of Shelby Lawson, a remarkable entrepreneur, creative spirit, and a beacon of inspiration. Hailing from South Carolina and transplanting her vibrant energy to the Lehigh Valley, Shelby has not only pursued her passion but also built a thriving business empire. In this blog, we'll delve into the captivating life of Shelby Lawson, the founder of Lawson Accessories, a modern sewing business, as well as her numerous other endeavors that have touched the lives of many.

Following Her Dreams: From Hospital Systems to Creative Expression Shelby Lawson's journey towards finding peace through creativity began after years of working in the bustling environment of two prominent hospital systems in the Lehigh Valley. Realizing the transformative power of artistic pursuits, she decided to resign from her position and embark on a path that would enable her to channel her passion fully. In 2016, she founded Lawson Accessories, a contemporary sewing business offering a range of services, including custom sewing, minor alterations, ready-to-wear garments, memory quilts, and pillows.

Nurturing Growth: Local Craft Shows, Awards, and Collaborations Starting small but dreaming big, Shelby kick-started her entrepreneurial journey by participating in local craft shows. Through her dedication and commitment, she quickly developed a loyal following, and her craftsmanship garnered recognition. In 2019, Lehigh Valley Business awarded Lawson Accessories the title of Best Small Business with up to 10 employees, solidifying Shelby's reputation as a visionary leader. The following year, she received the honor of being recognized as a Woman of Strength by Lehigh Valley Style Magazine.

Inspiring Conversations: Reigning Words with Shelby Podcast In addition to her sewing business, Shelby ventured into the world of podcasting as the host of "Reigning Words with Shelby." Available on popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, and Spotify, her show invites guests to share their personal and business journeys, empowering and motivating the audience through inspiring stories. The podcast serves as a platform for Shelby to connect with her listeners and create a positive impact.

Spreading Light and Fragrance: Shelbys Southern Candle Line When faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shelby embraced the spirit of resilience and innovation. She seized the opportunity to pivot her business and introduced Shelbys Southern Candle Line, offering a range of captivating scents inspired by her South Carolina upbringing and cherished memories. These handcrafted candles bring warmth and nostalgia into the lives of her customers, creating a unique sensory experience.

A Family Affair: Dark Mist Soaps and Community Involvement Shelby's dedication to creativity extends beyond her own ventures. She is also the proud home of Dark Mist Soaps, a vegan soap line created by her daughter. Together, they combine their skills and passion to provide high-quality, cruelty-free soaps that promote sustainability and wellness. Additionally, Shelby actively participates in the community, hosting and headlining numerous fashion shows throughout the year. She also creates safe spaces for women to gather, share, and find support through the monthly or bi-monthly Tuesday Tea and Talk events.

Shelby Lawson's journey is a testament to the transformative power of following one's passions, embracing creativity, and giving back to the community. Through her entrepreneurial ventures, podcasting, and community involvement, she has become a symbol of inspiration and motivation. Shelby's story reminds us that when we pursue our dreams with dedication, creativity, and a heart for uplifting others, we can achieve remarkable success and make a lasting impact on the world around us.

Exclusive Fashion Showcase at Hazleton Art League's 12th Annual Art and Youth Expo!

Exciting news awaits fashion enthusiasts and art lovers alike! Shelby Lawson, the visionary behind Lawson Accessories, is all set to unveil her latest collection of fashion designs at the highly anticipated Hazleton Art League's 12th Annual Art and Youth Expo. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 3rd, at 2:00 PM, as this event promises to be a feast for the eyes and a celebration of creativity.

At this exclusive event, Shelby will showcase her latest designs and reveal the inspiration behind her unique approach to fashion. These eye-catching creations are designed to empower individuals and uplift communities. Hear how she brings her bold ideas to life through vivid color combinations, innovative silhouettes, and intricate detailing.

Hazleton Art League's 12th Annual Art and Youth Expo provides the perfect backdrop for Shelby Lawson to showcase her extraordinary talent and present her latest fashion designs to the world. By attending this exclusive event on Saturday, June 3rd, at 2:00 PM, you'll not only witness the fusion of art and fashion but also contribute to the celebration of artistic expression and the empowerment of young talent. Join us for a memorable experience filled with creativity, inspiration, and the unveiling of Shelby Lawson's exceptional fashion collection.

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