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10 Services Offered at OMAC Talent Management 2023

  1. Artist Representation: The agency represents the talent, acting as a liaison between the talent and the industry professionals.

  2. Career Development: The agency helps the talent to build their respective career paths with expert advice and strategic advice based on their skills and goals.

  3. Portfolio Development: The agency helps to create a professional portfolio and headshots for models or demo reels for actors to showcase their skills and experience.

  4. Audition Preparation: The agency's team provides coaching in production, character development, and essential information needed to successfully audition.

  5. Casting Services: The agency provides casting services, fosters connections with casting directors, and positions themselves as an authority in the talent industry.

  6. Contract Negotiations: The agency negotiates contracts to ensure fair payment for the talent's work and secures better working arrangements with clients.

  7. Networking: Helps the talent to network and connect with industry professionals through events and connections established by the agency.

  8. Public Relations: The agency manages the talent's media and public relations, including managing their social media accounts, updating their website, and creating PR campaigns to build their brand.

  9. Travel and Logistics: The agency manages a series of logistics including bookings, travel arrangements, and lodgings for the talent when needed.

  10. Financial Management: The agency handles the paperwork, financial management and legal aspects of the industry to make sure that the talent is paid, up to date with taxes and contracts are signed without issues.

Talent management agencies have a lot of other services that can be provided based on the talent's needs and the agency's expertise. With their help, artists can focus on their craft while working on developing their career paths.

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